"I have been reading Kevin O’Brien books for years, and as much as I have loved his contemporary suspense (which has always reminded me of the great Lisa Jackson!), I was very excited to hear he was turning his talents towards writing a historical thriller. He thoroughly researched the history of his hometown of Seattle, and brought the WWII era to life—in the most chilling way—as he crafted The Enemy at Home. The story takes readers back to a time of enforced blackouts, rigid social rules and bigotry, and women entering the workforce in droves for the first time. The book blends twisty, thrilling suspense and historical fiction to create a unique and compelling read perfect for book clubs…or Spooky Season. As a serial killer stalks the women already facing discrimination as they work shoulder-to-shoulder with men at the Boeing factory, more and more suspects emerge, and the heroine can’t separate herself from damning evidence pointing towards those she holds most dear. The Enemy at Home is a riveting read that gives readers a glimpse into the home front during the war…and also ratchets up the creep-factor, creating a read that is both captivating and terrifying."

—Alexandra Nicolajsen, Director of Digital Sales & Marketing

ON SALE: 08/22/2023

The Enemy at Home

Kevin O'Brien

1943, Seattle. While raging war reshapes the landscape of Europe, its impact is felt thousands of miles away too. Before the war, Nora Kinney was one of countless housewives and mothers in her comfortable Capitol Hill neighborhood. Now, with her doctor husband stationed in North Africa, Nora feels compelled to do more than tend her victory garden or help with scrap metal drives . . .


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