"If the Tide Turns is a beautifully written and researched historical novel set during a time in history when there was little justice for women and people faced choices that most of us would find unthinkable today. As an avid reader of historical fiction, I was excited to pick up this book because the setting is a bit different than what we usually see in the genre—and I’ve always been fascinated by the Salem Witch Trials, which form part of the backdrop of this book, as it takes place in their wake. In addition, Rachael Rueckert has centered the book around the actual historical figure of the pirate Samuel Bellamy, which I always find adds additional intrigue to a story. The book follows the star-crossed love story of Maria Brown and Samuel, and the choices they must make as horrible obstacles prevent them from being together. This book was an emotional page-turner—a love story, an adventure novel, and unflinching historical fiction all rolled into one. What Maria must overcome is both enraging and unimaginable, and Samuel’s turn to piracy in order to better his financial situation unfolds with questions of honor and redemption at its heart. This is a haunting story with themes of class and women’s rights—two key elements that resonate strongly in our current time. This book is not to be missed—and I’m eagerly awaiting the author’s next riveting story."

—Alexandra Nicolajsen, Director of Digital Sales & Marketing

ON SALE: 03/26/2024

If the Tide Turns

Rachel Rueckert

Set during the Golden Age of Pirates and the shadowy aftermath of the Salem witch trials, this vivid literary debut is inspired by the captivating true story of real-life pirate Samuel Bellamy, combining high seas adventure, star-crossed longing, surprisingly timely questions about social justice and freedom, and the emotionally satisfying tale of one strong-willed young woman determined to choose her own path.


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