"Anyone who has read Charlie Donlea knows that once you read one of his books, you are a fan for life. And you will probably have to drop everything on your TBR because you’ll have to read all of his other books immediately—if not sooner. Those Empty Eyes is his latest, and it is another lyrically written, all-consuming, page-turning thriller that will chill you to the bone while keeping you on the edge of your seat…and drawing you into the lives of each of the characters. In this latest book, Charlie draws us into the world of Alex Armstrong, a woman who was the lone survivor of a horrific crime that took her family from her years before. Not only did she lose her family, but she stood trial for the murders of her father, mother, and brother. Even after her exoneration, she is still relentlessly hounded and vilified in the press—and dubbed “Empty Eyes” because of her shock on the night of the murders. Even after years trying to outrun her past, it has caught up with her. Will she now find the killer? Or will the killer finally finish what he started? Those Empty Eyes is an expertly written tale of suspense that also explores the lengths someone will go to in order to find justice—and heal from unimaginable trauma. This book is gripping, exceptional, and will leave you shocked even up to the very last page."

—Alexandra Nicolajsen, Director of Digital Sales & Marketing

ON SALE: 02/21/2023

Those Empty Eyes

Charlie Donlea

You know her name.
You know her face.
You know those eyes

Ten years after she was exonerated for the slaughter of her family, the girl the tabloids called “Empty Eyes” is the only one looking for the truth in this propulsive thriller from #1 internationally bestselling author Charlie Donlea.

“Excellent…Engrossing…This searing look at the legal system, entitlement, and exploitation is not to be missed.” – Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

"Draws readers in from the first heart-stopping pages and doesn't let go until the end." – Mary Kubica, New York Times bestselling author of Local Woman Missing


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