"Shanora Williams is one of my favorite authors of psychological suspense. She is a master of creating compulsive page turners, so it will come as no surprise that I read her new book The Bitter Truth in one day. Shanora constructs intricately twisted plots or writes a propulsive narrative, creating a book you simply cannot put down. In her latest thriller, a rising political star is running for governor, but strange events keep hinting that his past is coming back to haunt him—and it is definitely filled with some dark secrets. Meanwhile, his wife—who is successful in her own right—is beginning to see that both her husband and her marriage might not be as picture perfect as she thought it was. When she learns the shocking truth, she will have to make a choice that will have the potential to destroy everything she has spent a lifetime building. Shanora Williams is a master of modern suspense with tightly plotted stories full of expertly teased reveals and twists that will make your jaw drop. If you haven’t already picked up one of her books, The Bitter Truth is the perfect time to find out what the buzz is all about."

—Alexandra Nicolajsen, Director of Digital Sales & Marketing

ON SALE: 06/25/2024

The Bitter Truth

Shanora Williams

An upstanding political candidate. A determined stalker. A shattering lost weekend. Amid the clashes and intrigue of the campaign trail, to what lengths will the elegant, all-too-devoted wife of a seemingly incorruptible politician go in the name of love, loyalty, and ego?

From breakout Tiktok star Shanora Williams, a propulsive, sexy, rich-people-behaving-badly thriller for fans of Kellye Garrett, Sally Hepworth, Liv Constantine, Eliza Jane Brazier, and Tarryn Fisher.


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