Exclusive Rewards for BTC Insiders!

We absolutely love hearing what readers think! If you leave a Goodreads or TikTok review for one of our books you can enter the review link below in order to win big! Winners are entered to receive a book and an exclusive Kensington swag item, and so much more! Unlimited entries are accepted but please include only one link per submission form. If multiple reviews are submitted in the same form, your entry will be counted as one. Good luck and we can’t wait to hear about your favorite books!

40 winners will receive a copy of BECOMING TED!

10 lucky winners will receive a copy of BECOMING TED, a 40 oz Simple Modern Trek Tumbler, and a sparkly surprise!

BTC Insider Tip: Submit a review for THE BUSY BODY in the month of February for 2x the entries!


Reviews must be posted within 90 days of submission.

February Prizes

Canadian residents must supply a phone number in order to be eligible.