Kensington Mystery Panel


Mysterious Galaxy Author/ Moderator Crowdcast Instructions

Mysterious Galaxy uses Crowdcast for its virtual events. The virtual event is streamed live on Crowdcast as well as on our Facebook page. For anyone unable to view the virtual event live, a recording of the video will be available to watch afterwards on Mysterious Galaxy’s Crowdcast page. Below are the instructions for what all authors and moderators will need to do in preparation for the event and the day of the event. Please make sure that the author(s) is/are prepared for their event and to discuss their book. If the author needs a moderator please make sure to let Constance, Mysterious Galaxy’s director of events, know at least two weeks in advance so that it can be set up before the event.    

Before the Event

  1. On the Mysterious Galaxy event page for your event click the Crowdcast link. Or go directly to the Mysterious Galaxy Crowdcast page atand find your event.
  2. Once on the Crowdcast event page, hit the ‘Save my spot’ button. You’ll need to have a Crowdcast account to do this. If you do not have one, don’t worry! It only takes a couple seconds to set up. (Please make sure that the username that will appear when you log in is your name/ author name. The Mysterious Galaxy person working the event will find you by this. If your username will be different from this please make sure to send us know what username you’ll be using.)

Day of the Event

  1. On the day of the event log into the event ten minutes before it begins.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, Mysterious Galaxy will pull you into the event green room so that you can talk with fellow authors/moderators/ publishers etc before the event begins. (Please make sure to ask all questions you have about the event and books/bookplates before the event goes live. You won’t be able to do this at the end of the event.)
  3.  When it is time, Mysterious Galaxy will make the event go live. A Mysterious Galaxy employee will do a quick introduction saying hello from the store and welcome to the event, how people can buy books, and where they can ask questions for the author. Then they will close their screen and leave the rest to the author/ moderator.
  4. Authors/ moderator will give a full introduction of the author(s) and their book(s). Then the event will continue how an instore event usually would with a discussion of the book and whatever the author would like to discuss, a reading if the author would like to, and after the discussion a Q&A with audience questions.
  5. Once the event is coming to an end the Mysterious Galaxy employee will reopen their screen and do a little outro for the event. They’ll once again tell people how they can buy books. Everyone will say bye and then the event will end. When the event ends, it ends for everyone and your video will stop.
  6. Author and bookstore to do a post after the event promoting the link where books can be purchased and the event can be watched.