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The Pagan Man

Isaac Bonewits

ISBN 0806526971
Publish Date 12/6/2005
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, Wicca, Wicca
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Men’s Spirituality Today

Who are the men who’ve chosen the Pagan path? They’re fathers, sons, brothers, and lovers, warriors, healers, and poets. They come from every background and profession, and they’re blazing trails into new social, cultural, and political territories, defining themselves in a faith community traditionally seen as dominated by women—yet they’ve been there all along!

Isaac Bonewits, one of America’s leading experts on ancient and modern Paganism, breaks new ground with this fascinating portrait of the fastest growing religious movement in the Western world. Drawing on interviews with over forty Pagan men—and his own forty years in the Neopagan community—he explores the issues and desires that have led tens of thousands of men to embrace Pagan spirituality. He examines the ways in which men have created, added to, and benefited from the Pagan experience, incorporating their own rituals, rites of passage, and symbols. The Pagan Man offers novices and experienced practitioners a wide range of practical information on every aspect of the Pagan lifestyle, including

  • Today’s most popular Pagan traditions

  • Sages, wise men, and well-known Pagans of our time

  • Bardic circles, drumming circles, and other Pagan gatherings

  • Drumming, dancing, and calling down the Gods

  • The nine virtues, codes of chivalry, and other core Pagan beliefs attracting men and boys today

  • Pagans and the Goddess—women as partners and Goddesses

Frank, engaging, and inspirational, this book encourages Pagan men of every stripe—Wiccans, Druids, Norse Pagans, or even Masons—to step away from the shadows and stereotypes, and joyfully celebrate their own special relationships with the Gods and Goddesses of the New Old Religions.

Isaac Bonewits is a leading expert on ancient and modern Druidism, Witchcraft, and earth religions, and the author of Real Magic, Rites of Worship, and Bonewits’s Essential Guide to Witchcraft and Wicca.

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I Love The Pagan Man! (Monday, December 5, 2005)
Reviewer: Chasmodai

And I love Isaac Bonewits' book by that name. Originally I bought it as a gift for my partner, but looking it over, I couldn’t put it down. As I read it, I found myself hoping that one day my sons will read it and learn from it, as they learn from their father. The book deepened my appreciation for every Pagan man I have ever known, and the Gods that reside within them. Things I love about this book:

*Isaac’s courageous honesty in describing his experience of being a Pagan man – and his use of quotes from the moving, inspirational experiences of the Pagan men he surveyed.

*The accessible language with which the book is written - not a chore, it’s an enlightening, insightful “pleasure read,” yet it has a very satisfying “notes” section and bibliography, (which is thorough without being ponderous.)

*It doesn’t “have to” be read in a linear fashion. I started with chapter 8, “Pagan Men As Fathers,” because that’s what interested me most in the moment, and then I enjoyed the rest of the chapters according to where my curiosity led me.

*The male insights presented on Paganism and the feminist movement - a thought-provoking, discussion-inspiring exploration of the roles of enlightened men and women in modern Paganism.

This book is not just for Pagan men, but also for those who love and appreciate them. My husband will receive his gift a bit dog-eared – a word to the wise – get your own copy too!

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