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Waltz With A Rogue

Mona Gedney, Kathleen Baldwin, Lisa Noeli

ISBN 0821777610
Publish Date 3/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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A ball is excitement enough for any woman—until she finds herself waltzing with a rogue who dances away with her heart! In this brand-new collection of Regency novellas, a ballroom is the perfect setting for romance!

“The Highwayman Came Waltzing,” Kathleen Baldwin

When Elizabeth Claegburn learns that her childhood sweetheart Lord Ryerton will be investigating a string of robberies in the village, she doesn’t expect a shared waltz to rekindle their attachment. As romantic as the dance was, she knows she cannot give in to a foolish tendre. For if the dashing nobleman knew her secret, more than her heart would be at stake…

“The Rebel and the Rogue,” Mona Gedney

With her stepfather determined to marry her—and her fortune—to his youngest son, Vivian Woodruff is desperate to find a husband of her own choosing first. Infamous rakehell Anthony Mallory is the perfect candidate. She doesn’t intend to remain married to him—but then she never intended to be swept away with one tempting kiss…

“Dance With Me,” Lisa Noeli

Passing himself off as a dancing master seems a fine way to find a bride, but Neville Dunsleigh discovers that London’s ladies are not the fleet-footed lot he imagined—until lovely Penelope Spencer waltzes into his life. Her grace can’t be denied, but her skittish reaction to his advances force Neville to wonder if the young woman is not who she claims to be…

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