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A Delightful Folly

Glenda Garland

ISBN 0821777459
Publish Date 3/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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He Was A Man Of Restraint...

Benedict Hadley, Viscount Fitzhugh, has always been a cautious man — never more so than in his choice of wife. That is why he comes to London to woo virtuous Dorrie Bourre, a woman who will please his disapproving, distant father and mend their fractured relationship. Benedict expects to conduct himself with the utmost decorum, which certainly doesn’t include associating with Esmeralda, Countess of Iddesford, whose reputation is as scandalous as she is lovely. Trouble is that the lady may also be the key to foiling a devilish plot. Honor compels Benedict to determine what Esme knows, but every meeting with the witty, beguiling widow crumbles Benedict’s restraint.

She Was A Woman Said To Have None…

Esme has learned to live with her salacious—and wholly undeserved—reputation, but it has never vexed her so until she met the honorable Benedict. Already their charged meetings have attracted gossip and spite from every quarter. She knows that Benedict’s father would never approve of his marrying her, yet the vicious gossip has made the normally cautious Viscount determined to defend the widow, even to dueling. Now, with swords at the ready, and her honor in the balance, Esme’s one chance to save her unlikely suitor may lie beyond all reason…and rest completely in the hands of love…

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