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Hotter Blood

Jeff Gelb, Michael Garrett

ISBN 0786016442
Publish Date 9/1/2004
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, Horror
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Take a walk on the sinister side of seduction…

Here, bound together for your pleasure, are the most devilishly decadent short stories in the annals of horror, written by some of the most morbidly gifted writers of our time. From the libidinous appetites of the demon world to the very borders of human corruption, this collection of tantalizing tales will entice any reader into the realm of forbidden desires—and forgotten evils…

Indulge yourself, and enter a world of unimaginable rapture where your wildest dreams may just lead to your worst nightmares…

Hotter Blood

“Hotter Blood is an outstanding collection…a daring combination of sex and terror…mixed with deadly intent by the best writers the horror field has to offer! A must-read for any horror fan!”—Cemetery Dance

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