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Chemical-Free Kids

Allan Magaziner, Linda Bonvie, Anthony Zolezzi

ISBN 0758203691
Publish Date 8/1/2003
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Twin Streams, Series, Traditional
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Keep Your Family From Falling Into Today’s Many Toxic Traps

Asthma, chronic allergies, digestive ailments, learning and behavioral difficulties—these and many more problems seem to be epidemic among our children. Yet many complaints may be largely attributable to a diet of heavily processed, chemical-laden foods and a host of toxic agents present in everyday products including pesticides, common household cleaners, and even toys for toddlers.

Chemical-Free Kids is a practical, easy-to-use guide that will help you reduce your children’s exposure to harmful substances and assure them of a happier, healthier future. Meticulously researched and full of useful advice as well as in-depth explanations, this vitally important book brings together a wealth of information, including:

  • How you can phase out products that contain unhealthy additives and replace them with nutritious foods—including the ten best foods for children—without disrupting your lifestyle.

  • How detoxifying your child’s diet can prevent or limit food allergies and sensitivities.

  • Why artificial sweeteners should be avoided whenever possible.

  • The hazards of heavy metals and the steps you can take to avoid exposure to them.

  • Easy and convenient methods for maintaining a chemical-free home environment—including non-toxic pest-control techniques.

  • Why a lethal nerve gas has remained in widespread use as a “fumigant”—and the extreme hazard it might pose to you and your family.

  • Why organically grown foods are so important to your family’s health.

  • The pleasures of chemical-free cooking—including 50 easy-to-prepare recipes that you and your kids will love.

At a time when a proliferation of poisons has been accompanied by a good deal of blissful ignorance about the degree of risk they represent to our children, Chemical-Free Kids is the expert navigational guide that no concerned parent should be without.

Allan Magaziner, D.O., a nationally recognized medical authority on natural health and nutrition- related topics, has been a practicing physician for nearly two decades and is founder of the prestigious Magaziner Center for Wellness in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. A sought-after speaker, Dr. Magaziner has lectured before numerous medical organizations on health- and wellness-related issues and has been widely quoted in books and newspaper articles throughout the United States. His most recent book, Total Health Handbook: Your Complete Wellness Resource (also published by Kensington), has helped improve the health of thousands of readers.

Linda Bonvie is a writer specializing in health and environmental topics. Her articles have appeared in various major newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, and St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and in such periodicals as New Age Journal, Vegetarian Times, and E: The Environmental Magazine. Her achievements as an investigative journalist have included helping end the long-standing practice of spraying arriving international airline passengers with toxic pesticides in many countries. She lives in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Anthony Zolezzi is a food-industry entrepreneur, lecturer, and consultant specializing in the development and promotion of natural and organic products. Frequently interviewed on radio and television on the subject of toxic threats to children’s health, he facilitated this book to provide parents with a comprehensive source of information on how to avoid such dangers. He also is currently active in developing a new agricultural model that will provide consumers with affordable, higher quality food products grown on local family farms. He resides in Long Beach, California.


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