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Black Robes, White Justice

Bruce Wright

ISBN 0758201109
Publish Date 3/1/2002
Format Hardcover
Categories Dafina, History
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“One of the most incisive, graphic, utilitarian assessments of this country's racism-handicapped legal system.” —The Black American

As a lawyer and criminal court judge, Bruce Wright has seen, first-hand, the disturbing truth about how fundamentally unfair our judicial system is toward African Americans. In this important book, he takes a hard look at these inequities, documenting them with numerous cases drawn from his years of experience in the courts.

With unflinching honesty, he tackles such controversial subjects as the deep-seeded societal prejudices of white judges, the lack of black judges, the long history of excluding blacks from law schools and bar associations, the practice of setting higher bail for black defendants, the anti-black biases of white jurors, and the black defendant's limited access to quality legal representation.

Judge Wright also addresses the abuse of police power against blacks, the dehumanizing conditions in jails populated primarily by blacks, and the way that death penalty convictions discriminate against blacks. Finally, he proposes remedies that must be taken if the courts are truly to become a place of justice for all.

Timely and relevant, Black Robes, White Justice is a book that every American should read in order to understand one of the most important issues of our time.

Bruce Wright practiced law in New York City for twenty years before serving ten turbulent years as a judge in New York's Criminal Court and two more years in Civil Court. He was a New York State Supreme Court Justice for over 15 years.

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