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Peaches And Screams

G.A. McKevett

ISBN 1575667118
Publish Date 1/1/2002
Format Hardcover
Categories Kensington, General
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Plus-sized private eye Savannah Reid is about to discover the answer to that age-old question: what could be worse than going back home to the rural deep South in the height of August humidity? It's going home to a wedding—not your own—without a ring on your finger or a date on your arm. A fluorescent satin bridesmaid's dress that makes her look like an immense inverted orange tulip doesn't help matters, but that's the least of Savannah's problems after her kid brother is arrested for murder...

As the oldest of nine siblings she more or less raised, fortysomething Savannah Reid has attended her share of family weddings south of the Mason-Dixon line...and more than one has featured her sister Marietta as the bride. But before the fickle Southern belle can traipse down the aisle with her latest Mr. Right, the youngest of the Reid brood is thrown into the slammer. At first, Savannah wonders if unruly Macon—no stranger to lesser crimes involving hubcaps and moonshine—really is responsible for killing the Honorable Judge Patterson. But when she learns that the ornery old geezer had more enemies than Marietta's had husbands, Savannah is convinced that her brother's been framed. She sets out to prove it, with a little help from her L.A.- based Moonlight Magnolia Detectives.

Shaking the Patterson family tree nets Savannah and her imported West Coast cohorts an assortment of embittered ex-wives, spurned mistresses, and illegitimate offspring. Now that the land o'cotton is teeming with suspects, Savannah turns to the law for assistance. Namely, to luscious local deputy Tommy Stafford—with whom she once sampled the forbidden nectar of teenaged passion in the backseat of a Chevy BelAir. Naturally, a still smitten Savannah can't help wondering if ol' Tommy is sweet on her as well when he willingly risks his job to help with the investigation.

So far, the search for the real murderer has been fruitless. But with hapless Macon stewing in a steamy cell and the oft-married Marietta pouting about her postponed nuptials, it's time for Big Sis Savannah to turn up the heat and show a cleverly concealed killer that this is one Georgia peach who ain't just whistlin' Dixie...

About G.A. McKevett:

G.A. McKevett is the author of the acclaimed Savannah Reid mystery series. Also writing under the name Sonja Massie, she has authored over 60 books ranging from cozy mysteries, to historical romances, to nonfiction works on the history of Ireland. Her earthy humor and fast-paced plots delight her fans, while critics applaud her offbeat characterizations and incisive observations on human nature. Irish by ancestry, she has lived in Toronto, Ireland and Los Angeles, but now resides in New York. Readers can visit her online at

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