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Single Mamahood

Kelly Williams

ISBN 0806519789
Publish Date 1/1/1998
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, Parenting
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African-American single mothers can raise children who are self-assured, happy, and healthy. Single Mamahood, a down-to-earth, sister-to-sister guide, teaches women that they can realistically challenge the obstacles before them. It teaches them to put their energies into taking care of their children's needs and shows them how to develop healthy relationships with their children's father, their peers, and extended family.

The author acknowledges that many children of single mothers engage in criminal activity, score on the lower end of standardized achievement tests, and are most likely to become single parents themselves. This book helps to break the cycle.

Complete with real stories of single mamas, Single Mamahood offers suggestions on how to deal with work, school, child support, discipline, dating again, and more. Women who follow this approach to parenting will be given an alternative to feeling victimized or desperate. And their children will no doubt feel totally loved and self-assured, knowing that they can do anything—just like their mothers.

Kelly Williams, a single mother, is a health and lifestyle reporter at a television station in Tampa Bay, Florida. She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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