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Outwitting Toddlers

Bill Adler, Peggy Robin

ISBN 1575666464
Publish Date 3/1/2001
Format Paperback
Categories Kensington, Parenting/Childcare
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Every parent knows the nightmare of dealing with that small but determined little adversary whose favorite word seems to be NO! In desperation, many parents turn to “the experts” who all have a different theory about how to raise perfectly behaved, cooperative angels—theories that completely fall apart in the face of a kicking, screaming toddler who doesn't understand why he can't take his pants off in the grocery store. Parents end up feeling confused—and judged—on top of feeling cranky, beaten and just plain worn out. Now, bestselling authors and long-time parents Bill Adler, Jr., and Peggy Robin give parents the tools they need to outwit their little ones without crushing their spirits or spoiling them rotten. Outwitting Toddlers is the guide parents have been waiting for—a completely nonjudgmental resource filled with clever strategies, tricks and techniques for getting children to cooperate that takes into account varying styles of parenting. Inside, parents will find:

  • things to say and do to put an end to a toddler's slaps, kicks and bites

  • a sensible, parent-friendly approach to your child's nighttime sleep problems

  • tips to get your dawdler out the door fast—and dressed appropriately

  • lists of foods snacks that toddlers will accept in place of chips, candy and other junk foods

  • ways to discourage clinginess at daycare or preschool, and much, much more.

Filled with practical, no-nonsense advice as well as a generous dose of wry, understanding amusement that could only come from parents-who've-been-there, Outwitting Toddlers is a results-oriented handbook for surviving the toddler years with sanity, home and humor intact.

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