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Statue of Limitations: A Goddess of Greene St. Mystery #1

ISBN 9781496724335
Publish Date 1/28/2020
Format Paperback
Categories Cozy, Goddess of Greene St. Mystery, Kensington
List Price: $7.99

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In this delightful new series by the New York Times bestselling author of the Flower Shop Mysteries, Athena Spencer comes back home to work with her crazy big Greek family at their garden center. But she never expected a return to her roots would mean protecting her family from murder . . .

After her divorce, Athena has returned to coastal Michigan to work in her family’s garden center and raise her son, while also caring for a mischievous wild raccoon and fending off her family’s annoying talent for nagging. Working alone at the garden center one night, Athena is startled by a handsome stranger who claims to be the rightful owner of a valuable statue her grandfather purchased at a recent estate sale.

But she has even bigger problems on her plate. The powerful Talbot family from whom her pappoús bought the statue is threatening to raze the shops on Greene Street’s “Little Greece” to make way for a condo. The recent death of the family’s patriarch already seemed suspicious, but now it’s clear that a murderer is in their midst. Athena will have to live up to her warrior goddess namesake to protect her family from a killer and save their community from ruin . . .

“Kate Collins delivers an entertaining, amusing, and deliciously suspenseful mystery.” —Cleo Coyle, New York Times bestselling author

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A Splendid Start for this Series (Saturday, February 8, 2020)
Reviewer: Dollycas

Dollycas’s Thoughts

I have been so excited about this new series from Kate Collins and she sure doesn’t disappoint.

We meet Athena Spencer who has come home to her big Greek family in Sequoia, Michigan with her son Nicholas after her divorce. Her grandparents have a Greek restaurant and her father owns the local garden center. Athena and her sister work at the garden center with her father. The center also has a resident troublemaker in the form of a raccoon that makes himself quite at home.

The patriarch of a prominent Talbot family has passed away and Athena’s pappoús (grandfather) brought a valuable statue at the estate sale. Because of the statue’s size, it was brought to the garden center until her grandfather finds the perfect place for it.

But a hunky stranger surprises Athena late one night stating his family is the rightful owner of the statue. As if Althena needed another problem to solve. With his dad out of the picture, Sonny Talbot has decided to move forward with a previously dead plan to demolish all the shops know as Little Greece on Greene Street including her grandparent’s restaurant. His decision draws the rath of the whole area and raises suspicions that maybe the senior Talbot’s death was not due to natural causes. When another man linked to the family is killed Althena feels the heat to not only save her family’s restaurant but to bring a killer to justice.


Ms. Collins has served up a big cast of Greek characters. They are unique and genuine and we have just scratched the surface at getting to know them. Like all families, especially Greek families, everyone has an opinion about Athena’s love life.

In addition to the Spencer family, we meet Case Donnelly. There is a spark between Athena and Case but her family believes her destiny is with Kevin Coreopsis, a lawyer who has also recently returned home to Sequoia. Athena has a special way of dealing with her overbearing family though, and I love it. She writes a blog “It’s All Greek to Me” under the name of Goddess Anon. Her family loves the blog not knowing that it is penned by their own Athena.

As is the case in most first books in a series which spends a great bit of time introducing characters, the mystery while well-crafted was pretty easy to solve. That being said I was completely captivated by it. I enjoyed the way Case and Athena worked together. There were twists and tension and plenty of humor too. The pacing was perfect, it was hard to put the book down.

This series is off to a splendid start. Statue of Limitations was a fun and entertaining read filled with characters I can’t wait to visit again.

Great start to new cozy mystery series (Saturday, February 1, 2020)
Reviewer: Christy Maurer

Statue of Limitations kicks off a brand new series from Kate Collins, and cozy mystery fans will love it! It’s full of great characters, humor, and mystery!

Some minor spoilers ahead.

Athena Spencer loves her big Greek family, but since moving home, she feels like she’s losing her individuality. The “Greekness” of Athena’s family (especially her mother) can be overwhelming. Her mom insists on teaching Athena’s son, Nicholas, Greek; and though that’s not a bad thing, it makes Athena feel like she’s losing control. Her mom’s already fixed her up with “a good Greek boy” whom Athena just tolerates for the sake of keeping the peace. She writes about all of these things in her blog which her family faithfully follows. However, they’ve got no idea that it’s Athena who’s writing the blog, and the way they react to the blog is hilarious especially since she’s writing about them!

Well, as in all good cozy mystery books, the main character (Athena, of course) gets caught up in a murder investigation when she has a run in with the falsely accused suspect, Case Donnelly. Though the two start off on the wrong foot, Athena and Case make a great team, and their friendship leads to a budding romance (which, of course, we all see coming!). They work together to find the real killer to clear Case’s name. Since he can’t be seen around Little Greece (his face is everywhere since he’s a murder suspect!), Athena disguises his looks and creates a new persona for Case. Thankfully it (mostly) works, so they can question suspects, gather clues, and solve the mystery.

I really enjoyed Statue of Limitations, its characters and the Little Greece of Sequoia, Michigan setting. I’m looking forward to bonding with these characters and solving new mysteries with them.

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