Everyday Wicca: Magickal Spells throughout the Year

Gerina Dunwich

ISBN 9780806539522
Publish Date 10/30/2018
Format ePub
Categories Wicca, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $8.99

Written by Wiccan expert Gerina Dunwich, Everyday Wicca is both an essential gateway for anyone seeking to add magick to their life and a thorough examination of magickal living for longtime practitioners of the pagan arts. A fascinating study of spellcasting and a thoughtful survey of the Wiccan calendar, this insightful work will guide the modern witch through everyday rituals, spells, and Sabbats celebrated during the Wiccan Wheel of the Year. A handy glossary and an invaluable resource section are also included for both the solitary witch as well as those in a coven.

About Gerina Dunwich:

Gerina Dunwich is the author of over two-dozen books on witchcraft and the occult. Her articles, poetry and interviews have appeared in numerous publications, including Playgirl, American Woman, Moving Words, and in Llewellyn's calendars and datebooks. She lives in Upstate New York.

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