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Splintered Silence: A Bone Gap Travellers Novel #1

Susan Furlong

ISBN 9781496711670
Publish Date 11/27/2018
Format Paperback
Categories Police, General, Thriller/Suspense, Kensington, Psychological, Serial Killer, Psychological, Bone Gap Travellers
List Price: $7.99

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“One of the top 25 books of the year.” --The Strand

It’s hard to bury the past when bodies keep turning up . . .

After an abrupt end to her tour of duty, former Marine MP Brynn Callahan and her canine partner, Wilco, arrive stateside—both bearing the scars of battle. With a mix of affection and misgivings, Brynn heads back to Bone Gap, Tennessee, and the insular culture she’d escaped when she enlisted.

The Irish Travellers keep to themselves in the mountains, maintaining an uneasy coexistence with the “settled” townspeople of McCreary. But when Wilco’s training as a cadaver dog leads Brynn to a body in the woods, long-simmering tensions threaten to boil over. Forming a reluctant alliance with local sheriff Frank Pusser, Brynn must dig up secrets that not only will rattle her close-knit clan to its core, but may forever change her perception of who she is . . . and put her back in the line of fire.

“A terrific read.” --Christine Carbo

“Heart-felt and pulse-pounding.” --Harry Hunsicker

“Furlong will keep you on the edge of your seat.” —K.J. Howe

“Brynn and her war-injured dog are characters readers will root for.” --Suzanne Chazin

“Susan Furlong’s steel-tough, authentic storytelling delivers.” --Larry D. Sweazy

About Susan Furlong :

Susan Furlong launched her Bone Gap Travellers series with the acclaimed novel Splintered Silence. Raised in North Dakota, she graduated from Montana State University. She and her family live in central Illinois. Visit her on Facebook or at

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