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American Horse

D.A. Michaels

ISBN 9781944833473
Publish Date 10/30/2018
Format Hardcover
Categories KPT Gift Books, KPT Publishing
List Price: $9.95

From Shetlands to Shires, horses have integrated themselves into American history and culture since the first of these elegant creatures set foot on North America in 1493. The backbone behind settling the west, working farms, and hauling buggies, horses became the foundation of America.

Told through poetry, short stories, and images, The American Horse takes you on a journey of these magnificent animals through the ages to awaken your senses and leave you daydreaming of open pastures and trails. It has been said, “when you ride a horse, you are “borrowing” freedom, and this book encapsulates this energy with unscripted images and poems to ignite your mind, and warm your heart.

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