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Your Guardian Angel's Gift

Christine K. Clifford

ISBN 9781944833152
Publish Date 5/9/2017
Format Hardcover
Categories KPT Gift Books, KPT Publishing, Inspirational
List Price: $9.95

Into every life come moments when adversity seems to overwhelm us. We feel hopeless and afraid. But soon we call on a trait that makes us human: our will to survive, and then thrive. Christine K. Clifford is an award-winning author and speaker who has worked with thousands of organizations worldwide to help people cope with adversity. From her experiences, she felt compelled to deliver a message to anyone seeking hope in the face of challenge. This book is the result. It recites a poem Christine wrote on a plane to remind herself, as she glanced into the heavens, of an unforgettable message to live by: there is no force on earth more powerful then hope.

About Christine K. Clifford:

Before her first bout with breast cancer, Christine Clifford had definitely cracked the glass ceiling. At the age of forty, she was senior vice president for SPAR Marketing Services, an international information and merchandising services firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Christine is currently president and chief executive office of The Cancer Club®, a company designed to market humorous and helpful products for people who have cancer. She speaks to organizations worldwide about finding humor and getting through life’s adversities. She lives with her husband, Dan, in Bonita Springs, Florida and Minneapolis, Minnesota where she is a loving Grammy to two grandchildren.

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