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I Am The Dog

Liz Abeler Blaylock

ISBN 9781944833015
Publish Date 5/9/2017
Format Hardcover
Categories KPT Gift Books, KPT Publishing, Gift
List Price: $9.95

How many times have you felt certain you knew exactly what your beloved dog was about to say?

Each photo in this fetching collection is complemented by a simple truth written from the perspective of its subject, a combination of images and words that is guaranteed to charm anybody who has ever known the expressive and devoted companionship of a dog. I Am The Dog is a celebration of the wonderful diversity, profound personalities, unvarying devotion, optimism and unconditional love of dogs.

About Liz Abeler Blaylock:

Liz Abeler Blaylock observes animal and human behavior while living with cats and working with middle school students. She lives in a 4 level home in Coon Rapids, Minnesota with a 4-generation family and her beloved pets.

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