A Meddle of Wizards: Fledgling Magic #1

Alexandra Rushe

ISBN 9781635730104
Publish Date 1/9/2018
Format ePub
Categories Fiction Fantasy, Rebel Base Books, Between the Chapters
List Price: $1.99

Welcome to Tandara, where gods are fickle, nightmares are real, and trolls make excellent bakers . . .

Raine Stewart is convinced she’ll die young and alone in Alabama, the victim of a chronic, mysterious illness. Until a man in a shabby cloak steps out of her mirror and demands her help to defeat a bloodthirsty wizard.

Raine shrugs it off as a hallucination—just one more insult from her failing body—and orders her intruder to take a hike. But the handsome figment of her imagination won’t take no for an answer, and kidnaps her anyway, launching her into a world of utmost danger—and urgent purpose.

Ruled by unpredictable gods and unstable nations, Tandara is a land of shapeshifters and weather-workers, queens and legends. Ravenous monsters and greedy bounty hunters patrol unforgiving mountains. Riverboats pulled by sea-cattle trade down broad waterways. And creatures of nightmare stalk Raine herself, vicious in the pursuit of her blood.

But Raine isn’t helpless or alone. She’s part of a band as resourceful as it is odd: a mage-shy warrior, a tattered wizard, a tenderhearted giant, and a prickly troll sorceress. Her new friends swear she has powers of her own. If she can stay under their protection, she might just live long enough to find out...

About Alexandra Rushe:

Alexandra Rushe was born in South Alabama, and grew up climbing trees, searching for sprites and fairies in the nearby woods, and dreaming of other worlds. The daughter of an English teacher and a small-town judge, Rushe developed a love of reading early on, and haunted the school and local libraries, devouring fairy tales, myths, and tales of adventure. In the seventh grade, she stumbled across a worn copy of The Hobbit, and was forever changed. She loves fantasy and paranormal, but only between the pages of a book—the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz give her the creeps, and she eschews horror movies. A psychic friend once proclaimed the linen closet in Rushe’s bedroom a portal to another dimension, and she hasn’t slept well since. Rushe is a world-class chicken. Please visit her at www.alexandrarushe.com.

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The Anti-Game of Thrones (Thursday, March 8, 2018)
Reviewer: Gary J. Bray

If you’re tired of the dark, depressing, violent saga of George R.R. Martin and the gaggle of poor imitations flooding the marketplace, do yourself a favor and give A MEDDLE OF WIZARDS a read. It’s a joyous adventure written in a witty, fresh style that brings the FUN back into fantasy. It’s a great joy to spend time in the company of a skillful storyteller with the mettle to pull off a grand story like Alexandra Rushe does with her first novel. AMOW is a not just a refreshing voice in the wilderness and a truly funny story, it is also a character-driven novel full of well-drawn, likable but quirky oddballs who grip the reader from the outset and refuse to let go.

It’s the story of Raine Stewart, a young girl afflicted with a mysterious illness, who begins having hallucinations about a peculiar man visiting her room. Or is it a hallucination? Her ordinary life up to this point is about to change in ways she doesn’t imagine. Let the adventure begin!

This is a quest story with an admirable crew of characters and a lyric writing style that fits it to an H. Or is that a Tee? In either case, AMOW if one of those rare yarns that earns the reader’s interest and respect while also dragging him/her along for a delightfully rollicking ride. Along the way you’ll get to know and love some wonderful people, experience the joys and perils they face together, root for the good guys, and boo the bad guys. Like great literary adventures have always done.

There are certain books you just want to savor – not rush through in a white heat, but slowly roll around in a while to keep that great flavor going as long as possible. AMOW is one of those special books. The worst thing that can be said about it is that it ended. But I'm confident enough people will agree with me that Alexandra Rushe has earned a chance to continue this wonderful tale.

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