An Uncommon Honeymoon: A Librarian and the Spy Escapade #3

Susan Mann

ISBN 9781420143355
Publish Date 12/26/2017
Format ePub
Categories Romance Contemporary, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $1.99

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The van’s violent acceleration sent Quinn tumbling backward. She crashed into James, pinning him against the back. He wrapped her in his arms and kiss the side of her head.

Trembling from the river of adrenaline coursing through her veins, she had no intention of moving. “Well, that was exciting.”

“It was,” he replied. “If we can handle that, our wedding will be a breeze.”

327.1 SPIES, weddings and relationships
364.3 CRIMINALS, conspiracies
491.7 RUSSIAN, cursing

Librarian and rookie CIA covert operative Quinn Ellington revises her honeymoon plans when she and her brand-new spy husband uncover a drug trafficking ring stretching from the Caribbean to St. Petersburg.

Turquoise waters, white sand, and intra-agency relations provide a lush backdrop for raiding enemy strongholds, tailing movie stars, and dodging more than a few bullets. Meanwhile, Quinn’s unique skills prove indispensable in luring a dangerous villain into the proper trap.

1. Spies—sexy. 2. On-the-job romance. 3. Evil drugs—color choices. 4. Automobile racing. 5. Series—The Librarian and the Spy. I. Ellington, Quinn.

About Susan Mann:

Susan Mann has a BA in history from UCLA and received her MA in library science from San Jose State University. Over the years, she has worked in public, special, and academic libraries. She and her husband have one college-aged daughter and live in Colorado. This is her second novel.

Photo Credit: Marilyn Stevens Photography

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