Dark Moon Rising: Elijah Pike Vampire Chronicles #5

James M. Thompson

ISBN 9781516104109
Publish Date 5/30/2017
Format ePub
Categories Horror, Lyrical Underground
List Price: $0.99

The author of The Elijah Pike Vampire Chronicles and Anthrax Protocol unleashes a terrifying tale of medical science gone awry—and a horror beyond imagining unleashed . . .

Dr. James Wilcox is one of the nation’s foremost pediatric neurologists. Yet his expertise is useless in the face of his own brain tumor. Removing it will cause James to lose his senses of smell and taste and suffer from mood disorders for the rest of his life.

Then a miracle arrives in the form of Dr. Albert Stern, lauded for his achievements in sensory augmentation in primates. Dr. Stern is more than willing to apply his radical procedures in an attempt to cure James' condition. The surgery is a success. In fact, it has the unprecedented result of heightening the rest of the patient’s senses to superhuman levels.

But there are side effects that no one could have predicted. Something slipped into Stern's chromosome matrix. Something with a homicidal disposition and an appetite for fresh-killed meat. Something that hunts by night . . .

“If you read one horror book this year, read this one!” —William W. Johnstone on Night Blood

“A terrifying mix of real medical science and vampire folklore.” —Fred Bean, author of “The Hangman’s Tree” on Night Blood

About James M. Thompson:

Dr. James M. Thompson received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine and has been in practice for 43 years. He lives in south Texas.

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