A Vampire's Honor: Vampire's Promise #3

Carla Susan Smith

ISBN 9781601839589
Publish Date 9/27/2016
Format ePub
Categories Romance Paranormal, Lyrical Press
List Price: $2.99

Staff Pick and Review by Kylie H.

This is not your typical vampire novel. Yes, the vampire is immortal. Yes the heroine is a damsel that tends to create her own distress. But she always figures her own way out of it with a great amount of sass and sarcasm. Rowan, our heroine, has come to terms with the fact that her lover, Gabriel, is a vampire, and is gladly acclimating herself to her new nocturnal lifestyle. Some of those changes mean giving up parts of her old life, and adapting old relationships, especially with her oldest friend, Laycee. Laycee is expecting a baby, which strains her relationship with Rowan because she knows first-hand how dangerous a life with vampires can be. Just as Rowan tries to reconcile her past and future, dangers from Gabriel’s past resurface, and Rowan is caught in the crosshairs.

Carla Susan Smith masterly combines the danger and raw heat that one expects from having a vampire lover. This is the third book in the Vampire’s Promise series, and I would definitely recommend reading the first two before, so as not to get lost. The only downside: I read it too quickly, and I can’t wait for the fourth book!

“A great read! Couldn't put it down.”—Lynsay Sands

Rowan Harper thought being with a vampire would keep her out of harm’s way. But true evil lurks in the darkness, and not even her lover, Gabriel, knows all of its tricks.

Rowan may be his Promise, the one woman who can save Gabriel's soul, but the two of them have a long and complicated history that Rowan is only now discovering--complete with old enemies who will stop at nothing to make them suffer.

When Rowan is abducted and forced to witness unspeakable violence, secrets of the past begin to unfold. Secrets that show Gabriel’s best friend Aleksei in a new light.

Will the truth destroy all three of them or bind them more tightly together, and if evil prevails, will it be Rowans’s soul that ultimately needs saving?

“This series is highly recommended.” --Library Journal

“Wicked fun not to be missed!” —USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti

About Carla Susan Smith:

Carla Susan Smith owes her love of literature to her mother, who, after catching her pre-teen daughter reading by flashlight beneath the bed covers, calmly replaced the romance book she had “borrowed” with one that was much more age-appropriate! Born and raised in England, she now calls South Carolina home where she lives with her wonderfully supportive husband, awesome son, and a canine critique group (if tails aren't wagging then the story isn't working!). When not writing she can usually be found in the kitchen trying out any recipe that calls for rhubarb, working on her latest tapestry project or playing catch-up with her reading list. Visit her at carlasmithauthor.com.

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