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Pet Friendly

Sue Pethick

ISBN 9781617738425
Publish Date 12/29/2015
Format Trade Paperback
Categories General, Kensington, Fresh Voices
List Price: $15.00

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In Sue Pethick’s witty and heartwarming debut novel, a sweet dog in need of an owner brings together the perfect candidates…

Todd Dwyer, a successful app designer, wasn’t planning to adopt a dog, but when his Uncle Bertie dies and leaves his little mutt Archie homeless, Todd can’t help welcoming the pooch home.

Archie could charm the marrow out of a bone, but Todd’s girlfriend Gwen is less than impressed with the instant bond the fluffy white ball of fur makes with her boyfriend. When things go awry the first night, she insists that Todd give Archie to his sister, Claire, whose rural home is a day’s drive away.

Todd and Archie hit the road, but circumstances compel them to make a detour to a quaint hotel run by Todd’s childhood friend, Emma Carlisle. As it happens, the hotel is hosting a colorful group of ghost hunters in town for a paranormal conference, and when Archie starts howling into the air vent, it isn’t long before their road trip turns bumpier than an unpaved country lane.

But with Archie’s unerring canine instincts and loyal heart, he may help Todd and Emma see the happiness that’s waiting just under their noses . . .

“A quirky and endearing cast of characters invading a historic inn gives this novel a cozy mystery vibe, especially when factoring in the hilarious antics of a certain four-legged character. The brewing romance tempers the humor with heart . . . This is a light heartwarming read perfect for a wintry afternoon at home or a sunny beach vacation.”– RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars on Pet Friendly

“Pethick combines a love story about second chances, a mystery, paranormal elements, and a winsome dog in her feel-good debut.” – Barbara McMichael, The Bookmonger on Pet Friendly

“Amusing…cute…the perfect airport book.” – Terri Schlichenmeyer, The Bookworm (Spectrum & others) on Pet Friendly

“A funny and sweet book with plenty of howls!" – The Parkersburg News & Sentinel on Pet Friendly

About Sue Pethick:

Sue Pethick is an award-winning short story writer whose life-long love of animals inspired her to write Boomer’s Bucket List, Pet Friendly, and The Dog Who Came for Christmas. Born in San Diego, California, she now lives with her husband in Vancouver, Washington. Please visit Sue online at

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“All the World Loves a Clown--& His Little Dog Too!” (Sunday, January 31, 2016)
Reviewer: Nancy Narma

Uncle Bertie has past away. He was a well-known Circus Clown who also had a dog act as a part of his Shtick. The pews at the Church were filled to capacity with fellow performers, complete with their colorful greasepaint. Who was in the front row but his four-legged canine partner, Archie, also known as “Houdini”. Bertie’s Nephew, Game App Designer, Todd Dwyer also attended the funeral. He was always very fond of his Uncle, but was he fond enough to agree to his Mother’s strong suggestion to take ownership of Archie? He ordinarily wouldn’t mind, but he is living with champagne taste and spoiled Gwen Ashworth and intends to propose the following weekend. Todd and Gwen had been discussing getting a dog, but Archie is not the cutesy type that Gwen would certainly have her heart set on and then, sadly, another argument would take place. He decides he will have to “Introduce” Archie to Gwen. Maybe, just maybe, she would grow fond of the talented little ball of fur like he did. Sadly, Todd decides to take Archie to live with Todd’s Sister, Claire. What an adventuresome trip they have, as Archie escapes from the car and runs away. Todd’s search lands him at the “Spirit Inn” and a pleasant reunion with Emma Carlisle, a girlfriend he supposedly abandoned from his past. Emma has inherited the Inn from her Grandmother, but it seems the operation is having financial problems as well as needing an upgrade of the ages-old hotel. Thankfully, for the 6th year in a row, the S.S.S.P.A., a society for paranormal activity is having their convention at the Spirit Inn. Perhaps, that will help the cash-strapped Inn? Misinterpretations make the reunion uncomfortable but, just when you think all will be better—it’s just the opposite. Did Archie spy a ghost? Or did he just have some tricks up his paw? Will Todd get his feelings and mistaken beliefs sorted out? Will Emma be able to save the Inn from having to be sold? And our beloved Archie—Who will take him in and give him a home? If you’ve needed a break from high-drama type fiction, this is the book for you! It’s a light-hearted, heart-warming, easy read filled with love, loyalty and a large helping of humor. Well done Ms. Pethick! I’m hoping there will be a sequel as every dog lover will fall in love with Archie. The Author has kindly included a very informative section written by Pet Travel Expert Amy Burkert on preparing your dog for a pet-friendly vacation. Be sure you put this title on your “To Be Read” list.
Nancy Narma

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