Patterns of Change: Ormond Beach #1

Terri DuLong

ISBN 9781601835512
Publish Date 11/24/2015
Format ePub
Categories Fiction General, Fiction Women, Lyrical Press, New Series
List Price: $3.99

“DuLong reminds me of a Southern Debbie Macomber but with a flair all her own.” --Karin Gillespie

New York Times bestselling author Terri DuLong turns a new page in breezy Ormond Beach, Florida, where a woman looking for a fresh start discovers her dreams coming true in ways she never imagined…

Chloe Radcliffe was ready to shake the dust of Cedar Key off her feet and sink her toes into the warm sands of Ormond Beach with her soon-to-be husband. But when tragedy struck, she found herself alone, unraveled—and unsure where she belonged…

A series of vivid dreams of a Victorian house with a beautiful fishpond convince Chloe to take a leap of faith and rent a condo in Ormond Beach. There, she makes fast friends with a group of knitters and the owner of a tea shop, who also happens to have a house nearly identical to the one in Chloe’s dreams—and she’s willing to rent her the property. Just as Chloe begins casting on her grand plans for the home, her tangled past comes back to haunt her—but her dreams and newfound friends just might point her toward the love she’s been missing all along…

Includes An Original Knitting Pattern!

Praise for Terri DuLong’s Cedar Key Novels

“A heartwarming story…Great for fans of Kate Jacobs’s ‘Friday Night Knitting Club’ series.” –Library Journal on Farewell to Cedar Key

“An intriguing premise, a cozy, small-town backdrop, and even the hint of some magic...A sweet story, set in a friendly community.” --Kirkus on Postcards from Cedar Key

“Tender and poignant, perfect for those who love knitting as well as the bonds between women.” –RT Book Reviews (4 Stars) on Sunrise on Cedar Key

“A delightful addition to that genre of needlecraft-inspired books.” --Library Journal on Casting About

About Terri DuLong:

Born and raised north of Boston, Terri DuLong was a previous resident of Cedar Key, Florida. She now resides on the east coast of the state in Ormond Beach with her husband, three dogs and two cats. A retired Registered Nurse, she began her writing career as a contributing writer for Bonjour Paris, where she shared her travel experiences to France in over forty articles with a fictional canine narrator. Terri’s love of knitting provides quiet time to develop her characters and plots as she works on her new Ormond Beach novels. You can visit her website at terridulong.com or at her Facebook fan page, facebook.com/TerriDuLongAuthor

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Patterns of Change (Tuesday, November 24, 2015)
Reviewer: Jbarr5

Patterns of Change by Terri DuLong
Have read the author's other works and know I will like this one from the start.
Although it's a new series it left off where the other ended but with enough background you won't be lost with the characters.
The relocation for Chloe to Ormond Beach is exciting after all the events she's suffered through over the past several months.
Things I really like about this book are the travel-I feel like I'm in the backseat during the adventures to new places; the knitting and camaraderie among those who do knit;
the different generations and their problems; the mysteries surrounding the house and fish pond; lesson of forgiveness: past comes to the foreground with a bit of romance rounds out this book to be the top selection this month.
Love catching up with all from the previous series and meeting new friends.
Can't wait to read the next in this new series. Can't wait to start the pattern at the end of the book. Nice fall project.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

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