Whispering Bones

Rita Vetere

ISBN 9781616501747
Publish Date 7/19/2010
Format ePub
Categories Thriller Supernatural, Lyrical Press
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When someone dies in outrage, a curse is born.

In 1576 Venice, during the second and worst outbreak of the plague, a dying child is shown no mercy. Her death spawns a curse, one which has endured for more than four centuries.

Now, in a rendezvous with fate, architect Anna LaServa has arrived in Venice, opening the door to the next fulfillment of the curse. She will uncover the reason behind her ultimate confrontation with the barbaric executioner whose name is. . . Revenge.

95,000 Words

About Rita Vetere:

A lifelong fan of speculative fiction, Rita Vetere combines elements of the supernatural and suspense to steer her tales down a dark and twisting path. She paints her writing with a broad brush in terms of genre and categorizes it under the umbrella of dark fiction, which leaves her free to explore new avenues and ideas. A recurring theme is the conflict between good and evil, and it's always a coin toss as to which side will prevail. Born in the UK and raised in Toronto, Canada, Rita maintains a longstanding love affair with Italy, a country she has traveled extensively and which feels like home to her. Rita currently resides in lovely Niagara Falls, Canada with her husband of many years and their dog. She would probably not be able to write without the dog, who never fails to recognize the genius of her conversation and ideas.

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