The Prescription Playboy

Grayson Reyes-Cole

ISBN 9781616501037
Publish Date 12/21/2009
Format ePub
Categories Romance African-American, Lyrical Press
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Mix a little chemistry with a dash of publicity and love is in the air.

Huntington Lewis, a smart, sexy, PR phenom, is trying to land the account of her life with pharmaceutical company Med Solutions. When the devastatingly attractive CEO, Kevin Carter, makes an enemy of a very important FDA inspector, Huntington flies to the rescue the playboy chemist.

With suspicious expiration dates and a poor image with the 36-55 female demographic, Kevin is sinking fast. All of Huntington's skills are needed as the duo battle their way to love, in spite of the paparazzi, old flames, focus groups, and family.

34,000 Words

About Grayson Reyes-Cole:

Grayson Cole is an author obsessed with language, love and the fantastic. She is intrigued by the relationships people build and what makes them work. Grayson hopes to bring intense and engaging characters to life for her readers along with well-developed, interesting stories.

Born and raised in Alabama, Grayson considers herself a quintessential Southerner. She also has a longstanding love affair with travel. She speaks a smattering of languages poorly and enjoys sharing stories of her adventures across Europe and Asia.

On her nightstand at any given time, one can find a stack of books in a lot of different genres. Right at this very moment, she has two books by Stanley Bing, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, one novel by Marjorie M. Liu, and a collection of short stories by Jorge Luis Borges.

Though a complete romantic at heart, Grayson's first major novel, Bright Star , flexed her fantasy/horror muscle and released to outstanding reviews with Lyrical Press, Inc in 2008. Reviews for this dark fantasy have been outstanding and it has consistently been a mainstream bestseller. The follow up, Domina, is much anticipated.

Expressing her softer, more romantic side, Grayson released The Builder and The Prescription Playboy, both of which are about strong women who recognize and welcome love, yet still have to struggle to acknowledge its place in their lives. She is expanding on this theme in her upcoming novel Inside Out from Genesis Press.

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