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Daniel Palmer

ISBN 9780758293435
Publish Date 4/29/2014
Format Hardcover
Categories Kensington, Thriller/Suspense, Psychological, Psychological, General
List Price: $25.00

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"If you've somehow missed reading Daniel Palmer, it's time to -- pardon the pun -- get Desperate." --Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Brimming with suspense and unrelenting twists, acclaimed author Daniel Palmer’s latest thriller delves into the waking nightmare of a well meaning couple whose biggest—and most ordinary—dream has gone terrifyingly awry…

Gage Dekker still blames himself for the car accident that claimed the lives of his first wife and young son. Then he meets Anna, who understands grief all too well. Within a year, Gage and Anna are married, his career is thriving, and both feel ready to become parents once more.

After a heartbreaking miscarriage, they begin the long adoption process, until fate brings Lily into their lives. Young, pregnant, and homeless, Lily agrees to give her baby to Gage and Anna in exchange for financial support. It’s the perfect arrangement for everyone. Seeing his wife’s happiness and optimism for their new life and child, Gage begins to feel a sense of hope he thought he’d lost forever.

But something isn’t right once Lily enters their lives. At work and at home, Gage is being sabotaged, first in subtle ways, then things take a more sinister turn. Every attempt he makes to uncover the truth only drives a wedge between him and Anna. Even as he’s propelled toward an unthinkable choice to save his marriage and his job, Gage discovers that the most chilling revelations are still to come…

Praise for the novels of Daniel Palmer


“If you've somehow missed reading Daniel Palmer, it's time to—pardon the pun—get Desperate.” --Harlan Coben


“Unrelentingly suspenseful.” —Publishers Weekly

“A twisting, suspenseful chiller of a book.” —William Landay


“Warning: once you start reading this novel, you will not stop!” —Lisa Gardner


“Not just a great thriller debut, but a great thriller, period.” —Lee Child

About Daniel Palmer:

Daniel Palmer is the author of four critically-acclaimed suspense novels. After receiving his master's degree from Boston University, he spent a decade as an e-commerce pioneer. A recording artist, accomplished blues harmonica player, and lifelong Red Sox fan, Daniel lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two children where he is currently at work on his next novel.

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