Board Stiff: A Mattie Winston Mystery

Annelise Ryan

ISBN 9781617730313
Publish Date 3/4/2014
Format ePub
Categories Mystery Cozy, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $2.99

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"The funniest deputy coroner to cut up a corpse since, well, ever." —Laura Levine

Sorenson, Wisconsin's deputy coroner Mattie Winston is back on the job. . .in a nursing home examining the body of Bernie Chase—the now former president of the Twilight Home's board of directors—who is covered in a powder used to turn liquids to solids. The home's residents are certain Bernie was offing the patients who cost him too much. . .and the patient that found him can't remember a thing.

Between her ongoing tug of war with Detective Hurley, fulfilling her new job requirement of seeing a shrink, and wrangling with the Twilight Home's board of directors, Mattie's got her scrubbed hands full. She'll need all of her outside-the-box forensic skills to crack a case that's turning out to be stranger—and more dangerous—than anything she's seen before!

Praise for Annelise Ryan and her Mattie Winston series

"A puzzler of a mystery. What a thrill ride!" —Jenn McKinlay

"Has it all: suspense, laughter, a spicy dash of romance..." —Tess Gerritsen

"Another winning mystery!" —Leann Sweeney

About Annelise Ryan:

USA Today Bestselling Author Annelise Ryan is the pseudonym for the author of the Mattie Winston Mysteries and another mystery series. She has written more than 200 published articles, worked as a book reviewer for Barnes & Noble, and is an active member of Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. She currently works as a registered nurse in an ER. She can be reached at mattiewinston.com.

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"Mayhem, Murder, Romance & Reunions are Captured in Sorenson” (Tuesday, June 17, 2014)
Reviewer: Nancy Narma

Mattie Winston is in a muddle. Since she lost her job as Deputy Coroner two months ago, she has been re-hired and is seeing Psychiatrist Maggie Baldwin on the insistence of her friend, landlord and once-again boss, Izzy, who has been extremely worried about her. Mattie has been through quite a bit of emotional trauma, with the discovery of her now-ex-husband David’s philandering plus lots of financial problems to solve-and then there’s Hurley. That’s hunky Detective Steve Hurley to be exact—who makes Mattie’s heart sing and her mind turn to mush. Izzy has a non-fraternization rule and asks her to choose between her job and her romance. Mattie, before Izzy re-hired her, thought she was being hired as an ER Nurse, so she chose, you guessed it, R-O-M-A-N-C-E, with someone near but, oh so not dear, squashing the opportunity. If nothing else, Mattie is resilient—until Hurley’s supposed-to-be ex shows up with his teenage daughter! Mattie takes refuge at a nearby casino, drowning her sorrows in chips and faded memories. She avoids contact with Hurley, even as she’s commandeered at the grocery store parking lot by frantic local Mortician, Irene Keller, who is afraid her beloved, but quite befuddled due to dementia, Husband Bjorn has killed someone at the Twilight Nursing Home where he resides. When the lifeless body of CEO and Nursing Home owner, Bernard Chase is discovered in the men’s room, all fingers point in poor Bjorn’s direction, especially with the more than possible murder weapon in sight! Did Bjorn really murder this unpopular soul? If poor, muddled Bjorn didn’t do the deed, than who did? The evening charge nurse/Bernie’s Girlfriend, Regan Simmons? His cold-as-ice Wife, Vonda? The Author has woven a wildly tangled web which encompasses mayhem, chuckles and more than a few surprises. If you have not become acquainted with Mattie and the gang, I strongly suggest that you do—lots of intrigue and laughs are always the order of the day. I can’t wait for the next volume—I’m betting you will agree.
Nancy Narma

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