Smuggler's Woman

Candace McCarthy

ISBN 9781601831064
Publish Date 9/19/2013
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Romance Historical, E-Classics, E-only
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Arrogant Captain

Bran Donovan rued the day suspected Tory spy Molly McCormick had been captured and smuggled aboard his ship. With her wild raven tresses flowing about her shoulders and her sweet curves barely covered by a buckskin tunic, the half-breed beauty made sharing close quarters a trying test of his nobility. But the rebel privateer wouldn't let her go until he found out how much she knew about his operation. And once he'd had a taste of her soft red lips and felt her slender body trembling in his arms, he knew he couldn't release her until he'd coaxed every tender secret from her silken flesh as well!

Seductive Prisoner

The handsome captain had locked Molly inside his cramped cabin to keep her safe from his lusty crew, but there was no one to protect the innocent captive from the primitive passion Bran's very nearness evoked. His eyes were as blue as the sea, and they seemed to awaken her very soul. Molly yearned to hate the brash buccaneer, yet with each passing day his hot embraces turned her heart traitor. . .and had her longing for the night when he'd unleash her searing desire and brand her forever as the. . .

Smuggler's Woman

About Candace McCarthy:

Candace McCarthy loved to read romances from the first moment she picked one up over twenty-four years ago. She began to write one after reading a story that made her laugh. Her enjoyment prompted her to put pen to paper. She thought, "Wouldn't it be great if I could bring the same pleasure to other readers?" Sound corny? Maybe, but it's true. And she's been writing them ever since.

Candace has 18 books to her credit—fifteen novels and three novellas. Among her titles are Irish Rogue, Irish Lace, Fireheart, and Wild Innocence, which are just a few of the titles published by Zebra Books. She has been listed among the Favorite Top Ten List for Affair de Coeur Magazine, and her book, White Bear's Woman, a Zebra Lovegram, won the National Readers' Choice Award for the Best Long Historical Romance of 1998.

At home, she lives with her husband of twenty-seven years, and her dog Montana, a Siberian Husky mix. She has a grown son, who recently married. She enjoys arts and crafts, music, gardening, and her Teddy Bear collection. And she loves to hear from her readers.

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