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Pokerstars Strategy Guide

Nolan Dalla

ISBN 9780818407390
Publish Date 1/25/2011
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Gambling, Lyle Stuart
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You Can Master Online Poker

Online poker is the fastest-growing and most popular game in the world. PokerStars is where the action is, with games and tournaments running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, around the globe. To be a true poker star you must master the inside strategies of proven winners:

  • Chris Moneymaker shows how to focus when faced with tough decisions.

  • Katja Thater and Vanessa Rousso disclose the hidden female advantage.

  • Barry Greenstein tells how to pick the right games to make the most money.

  • Daniel Negreanu discusses how to choose the best position play.

  • Alexander Kravchenko describes playing the short-stack in a tournament.

Get the latest tips from the newest millionaires in the poker universe: anonymous players at PokerStars who are known only by their screen names and are revolutionizing the game. For the very first time these “SuperNovas” reveal their secrets to online poker success.

Now Is The Time To Play And Win

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