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Motion To Dismiss

Jonnie Jacobs

ISBN 1575663953
Publish Date 3/1/1999
Format Hardcover
Categories Kensington, General, Legal, Thriller/Suspense
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San Francisco defense attorney Kali O'Brien’s newest case is casting doubt on the one principle she cherishes most—the absolute dead certainty that her client is telling the truth. Grady Barrett, a wealthy computer magnate married to Kali's best friend, has been arraigned in the rape of Deirdre McPhearson, a Bay Area single mother. Despite his pleas of innocence, Kali’s instinct tells her that Barrett may be as guilty as sin. Then Deirdre plunges to her death from a second-story balcony. A tragic accident? Or cold-blooded murder? Now, bound to a client she is afraid to trust, Kali soon finds her own life in jeopardy unless she can outwit a murderer who’s determined to win in this diabolical game…at any cost.

About Jonnie Jacobs:

A tireless self-promoter who often travels cross-country with the publication of each of her novels, Jonnie Jacobs lives in Piedmont, California.

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