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The Book Of Bad

Christopher Lee Barish

ISBN 9780806533322
Publish Date 12/28/2010
Categories General
List Price: $13.95

Unleash Your Dark Side

Let your ass-kicking side kill your ass-kissing side.

Now is the time to be bad. Being good is for the afterlife. Learn the secrets that felons, cops and epic badasses have known for years.

  • Rob a Bank

  • Produce Porn

  • Fake Your Death

  • Pick a Lock

  • Rob a Vending Machine

  • Beat the Dice

  • Acquire a Harem

  • And much, much worse

Embrace your Bad. Don’t get caught.

Christopher Lee Barish has experienced all degrees of being bad firsthand. During his mobile youth, he was indoctrinated in the art of career gambling and illegal crop growing, and he began to research other criminal activities out of personal and creative interest. The Book of Bad is the result of that research. Today he is a copy and concept director at an advertising agency in New York where he has won Webby awards for his copywriting and concepts. He lives in Nyack, New York.

Christian Kunze is a freelance illustrator who specializes in advertising, character design and editorial illustration. He is an RISD grad who also pursues his love of fine art when not illustrating. He resides in Westchester, New York, with his delightful family. Chris has a habit a creating strange and unusual drawings when left to his own devices.

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