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Lee Houck

ISBN 9780758242655
Publish Date 8/31/2010
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Kensington, Fiction, General
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In his evocative and mesmerizing debut novel, Lee Houck depicts a contemporary Manhattan thrumming with sex and violence as seen through the eyes of Simon—a twenty-something part-time hustler with a cadre of loyal, sometimes floundering friends. As Simon grows increasingly involved with a gorgeous, guileless client named Aiden, he tries to navigate a path to fulfillment in a city where love and honesty are as dangerous as they are rare. Witty, spare, and rapier-sharp, this is an exceptional story of the friendships that sustain us, the families we create, and the pain and joy that are always within reach, waiting for us to yield…

“Brisk and buoyant, this engaging debut captures big-city hustle with small-town heart.” —Richard Labonte

“Witty and wrenching, Yield is required reading for anyone who wants to know what it means to be young, gay and without a roadmap in today's world.” —Vestal McIntyre, author of Lake Overturn

“Yield is a bold and shocking story concerned with humanism—it’s a dazzling and sometimes dangerous foray into post-queer realism.” —Charlie Vázquez, author and blogger

About Lee Houck:

Lee Houck was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and now lives in Queens, New York. His essays and excerpts appear in anthologies published in the U.S. and Australia, including Best Gay Erotica 2009 and From Men to Boys, and in Collection, a limited-edition chapbook. His other work includes original pieces for theater seen in Vermont, Tennessee, and New York City; art installations for the Musee de Monoian; and poetry for the Magnetic Poetry Calendar. He has also performed with Circus AMOK! for many, many seasons. Yield, his first novel, was the winner of Project QueerLit 2008 and he is currently at work on a new novel.

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