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Hard At Work

Brad Saunders

ISBN 9780758246271
Publish Date 7/27/2010
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Kensington, Fiction
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It starts with a look shared between strangers—a sexy, appraising gaze that hints at the desire for more. Usually, because of commitments, timing, or social restrictions, it ends there. But in this steamy, x-rated new edition of Brad Saunders’ Men I Might Have Known series, the encounters go much, much further.

The men in this provocative new collection are real—a gorgeous, hard-bodied young moving man, a handsome Latino interior designer, a striking silver-haired hotelier—but the intimate, erotic adventures that follow come straight from the author’s lusty, deliciously vivid imagination. From the eager young actor who stars in an unforgettable casting session, to the spectacularly endowed porn star who gives an interview that’s truly in-depth, these stories run the gamut from sweet to tawdry, but each one is undeniably hot. A cute sommelier offers an after-hours tasting session… A night spent bar-hopping in Berlin turns into a tantalizing threesome… When sex and fantasy mingle, every urge can be indulged, every taboo explored, and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Brad Saunders currently lives in Los Angeles and is hard at work on several books and screenplays. When he is not writing about the men in his life, he writes about food, travel, and the arts for several publications.

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