Slaughter: The Last Gunfighter #19

William W. Johnstone

ISBN 9780786021796
Publish Date 3/1/2009
Format ePub
Categories Western
List Price: $2.99

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In his towering Last Gunfighter series, USA Today bestseller William Johnstone chronicles a frontier legend—a drifter, a fighter and a man you only want on your side…

Before It Was The City Of Angels, It Was A Perfect Place To Die With The Devil

When Frank Morgan gets to a town called Los Angeles, he can see the forces gathering around him. For the Spanish landowners, wealth is measured in cattle on the open range. For hardnosed oilmen, a fortune is in the ground—in the form of shining black crude oil…When blood is spilled on the sun-seared land, Morgan allies himself with a beautiful, widowed rancher—even as he cuts a deal with an ambitious wildcatter. Morgan is not trying out treachery. He’s just trying to get to the truth about a cycle of violence that’s about to explode. But when he discovers that a third party has entered the fray, Morgan knows the rules have changed and justice will only be forged with bullets.

About William W. Johnstone:

William W. Johnstone is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of over 220 books, including The First Mountain Man; The Last Mountain Man; Maccallister; Eagles; Savage Texas; Matt Jensen, The Last Mountain Man; The Family Jensen; The Kerrigans: A Texas Dynasty, and the stand-alone thrillers Suicide Mission, The Bleeding Edge, Home Invasion, Stand Your Ground, Tyranny, and Black Friday. Visit his website at williamjohnstone.net or by email at dogcia2006@aol.com.

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The best of the best (Sunday, February 22, 2009)
Reviewer: David Auman

I just bought the book slaughter The Last Gunfighter Westerns by William Johnstone. These are the only Westerns I will read. Why? Because they get right to the action not like some were they will talk about the rolling hills they are in for a chapter, which is boring. I'm just finishing up a book by Johnstone called Savage Territory-great book. Love it. Can't wait to finish so I can start the latest book about the Last Gunfighter Frank Morgan. I love Frank Morgan.

I'M A FAN OF WILLIAM JOHNSTONE FOR EVER and I have turned on others to Johnstones great work.

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