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Hidden Fires

Betina Krahn

ISBN 0821757938
Publish Date 4/1/1997
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra, Romance, Historical
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Romantic Times calls bestselling author Betina Krabn “The Leading Lady of Love and Laughter” for her enchanting blend of sizzling romance and incomparable humor. Now she brings us one of her most irresistible novels—a high-spirited tale of two wildly mismatched lovers…

Hidden Fires

Highland laird Ramsay MacLean thought Eden Delight Marlow would be pleased when he asked her to be his mistress…and lowered his lips for an uninvited kiss. Instead she raised her dainty fist—and bloodied his nose! Fresh out of finishing school, Eden knew exactly what Ramsay was: a Scotsman who was no gentleman…and who thought every woman was his for the taking. She didn't know that his inheritance depended on his bedding her and begetting an heir. Now he had her cornered on a ship bound for America, scheming to seduce her and to spirit her to his Highland castle. But Eden's delights would turn the tables on this brazen bachelor, leaving him bewitched, bothered and bewildered—and facing a battle of the sexes that could claim his heart as the dazzling prize.

About Betina Krahn:

Betina Krahn is a New York Times bestselling author of more than 30 historical and contemporary romances. Her works have won numerous industry awards, including the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award for Love and Laughter. Visit her on the web at

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