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Henry Hudson: Dreams and Obsession

Corey Sandler

ISBN 0806528532
Publish Date 3/25/2008
Format Trade Paperback
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“Sandler excels…he puts us there with Hudson and his men. One of the most interesting accounts…a pleasure.”—The Decatur Daily

Was Henry Hudson one of the boldest explorers of all time, or was he merely an accidental tourist who stumbled into history? Was he the world’s worst ship’s captain, master of four failed expeditions, enabler of at least three mutinies, which ultimately led to his own death at the hands of his crew? Was he secretly spying for the British while sailing for the Dutch?

In a unique mix of travel essay and historical sleuthing, Corey Sandler tracks down the Henry Hudson that time forgot, giving us a fascinating portrait of a tragic hero in the Age of Discovery. Through the journals and logbooks of the great explorer and his crew, Sandler retraced Hudson’s journey during a yearlong, 25,000-mile trek to England, the North Pole, and deep into Canadian wilderness areas accessible only by boat.

Illuminating questions that have puzzled historians for four centuries, Henry Hudson: Dreams and Obsession takes us back to a time of bold and harrowing adventure, while searching the present for traces of Henry Hudson in some of the planet’s most obscure and mysterious places.

“An artful blending of past and present.” —Seatrade Insider News

Corey Sandler is the author of over one hundred travel books with over two million copies in print. He has appeared on NBC’s Today show and National Public Radio, and has been profiled on CNN. He lives on Nantucket Island, off the coast of Massachusetts. Please visit his website,

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