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Extreme War

Terrence Poulos

ISBN 0806528354
Publish Date 5/29/2007
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, Military
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The Legendary Leaders, Weapons, Battlefields, And Tactics That Defined 4,000 Years Of Warfare

A must for military history buffs, Extreme War covers the best and worst of every period of warfare, from ancient times to the present. As thorough as it is thought-provoking, this comprehensive illustrated volume tackles hundreds of questions regularly posed by the world’s great armchair generals:

  • What was the most effective infantry weapon in medieval warfare?

  • Which defeat was the worst ever suffered by a Roman army?

  • Was Erwin Rommel the most overrated general of World War II?

  • Which legendary military leader endured the most embarrassing debut in history?

Extreme War reaches back to the first victory won through small-arms fire (Cerignola, April 1503) and forward to the greatest example of American combined arms tactics in World War II (D-Day). Across land, on or under the sea, and in the air, the elements of war are examined in fascinating detail, with careful analysis of how and why each leader, weapon, battle, or tactic came to fame—or infamy. These amazing inside stories examine the heroes and the hapless, the finest hours and worst blunders the military world has ever seen.

“Brings compelling detail and rare clarity to the chaos that is combat.” —Military

A Military Book Club Selection

Terrence Poulos holds a B.A. in Modern History from the University of Toronto, as well as a M.A. in International History from the University of Chicago, where he is currently a doctoral candidate. Widely published in both popular and academic journals, he served as co-editor for Richard Engler’s critically acclaimed World War II memoir, The Final Crisis: Combat in Northern Alsace, January 1945.

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