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Limit Hold'em Hand By Hand

Neil D. Myers

ISBN 0818407115
Publish Date 5/29/2007
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Gambling, Lyle Stuart
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Dear Hold'em Player,

Are you looking for the fast track to expert Hold'em status? Well, you're holding it in your hands.

This book is like having me sitting on your shoulder while you play...except not as heavy! I have deliberately kept Limit Hold'em Hand by Hand easy to read and math-light while stuffing it full of accurate poker information and strategies you can use immediately to accelerate your game to the next level. I've also illustrated key concepts using fun poker exercises that cover specific hands at each stage of the game.

I'll tell you how to handle:

  • Drawing Hands

  • Overpairs

  • Single-Suited Flops

  • Check-Raising

  • Betting for Value

  • Play on the Flop, Turn, and River

I'll show you how to maximize your profit and avoid chip-draining traps. I'll show you what you need to think about at the table and what you need to know before you arrive. So if you want to become a feared low-limit and middle-limit player, buy this book and dig right in. Don't forget to view the free DVD included with this book, which shows you the plays in action. With Limit Hold'em Hand by Hand at your side, a poker lesson from an expert is only a couple of minutes away.

So what are you waiting for?

See you at the tables,
Neil D. Myers

Includes Bonus DVD!

Neil D. Myers is the author of Quick and Easy Texas Hold’em and a self-made poker player. He honed his skills in private poker clubs and Atlantic City’s casinos. For years, he made a comfortable side income playing low-limit games. When he is not playing poker, Neil is a sales and marketing consultant. Visit Neil’s website:

Praise For Limit Hold’em Hand By Hand

“Forget what everyone tells you. There is no magic bullet that will teach you ‘how to play poker.’ If you want to win at this game, you have to think round corners. This book will show you how. The rest is up to you.” --Richard Sparks, author of Diary of a Mad Poker Player and Getting Lucky—the Education of a Mad Poker Player

“Myers does a wonderfully insightful job of breaking down troublesome and enigmatic situations encountered in poker games, and explaining the correct course of action to the reader in a simple, easily understood way. Neil D. Myers’ Limit Hold’em Hand by Hand will teach you how to analyze poker situations, think like a pro, and raise your to new levels in a short period of time. I highly recommend it.” --Lou Krieger

“Neil Myers has created a remarkable book that will be extremely valuable to any serious hold’em player. As a poker writer, teacher, lecturer -- and player, I found the material of considerable interest; and I intend to recommend this book to my students. (Naturally, my own two books are the texts for my classes.) His examples (themes) of typical hands and situations are prudently selected and well described; and the answers are clearly explained, including appropriate rationale. No matter how experienced you are, I think this book will make you a winner”! -- George “The Engineer” Epstein

“Poker is a situational game and Neil has delivered the definitive guide on limit hold’em.” --David Apostolico, author of Lessons from the Pro Poker Tour

“What the Rosetta Stone did for hieroglyphics, Neil Myers does for poker.” --John Vorhaus

“Limit Hold'em Hand by Hand, through its wide sampling of situations, will help you obtain every narrow edge necessary to optimize your EV in limit hold’em cash games.” --Tony Guerrera, author of Killer Poker by the Numbers

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