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Roar Of The Heavens: Surviving Camille, the Worst Storm in American History

Stefan Bechtel

ISBN 0806528338
Publish Date 5/29/2007
Format Trade Paperback
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“A riveting account of what it was like to live through the most intense hurricane ever to strike the U.S. mainland.” —John Grisham

Roar Of The Heavens

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a surge of water rose to Warren Raines’s chest. He clawed at the dark water, half running, half swimming, trying to grab on to anything to keep from being swept away. In the glare of the lightning, he could see his mother standing there with little Ginger in her arms, completely surrounded by rushing water.

“Let go,” his mother yelled. “We’ll catch you!”

Warren released his grip. A second later, when the current had swept him to the place where his mother had been, she was gone.

“Gripping…compelling…ranks with Isaac’s Storm.” —Dr. Robert Simpson, former director, National Hurricane Center

Hurled by winds racing over 200 miles per hour, Hurricane Camille slammed into Mississippi’s Gulf Coast on August 17, 1969—a maelstrom of death and destruction that swept enormous tankers onto city streets, dumped 100,000 tons of debris, and erased entire towns. Yet her real devastation was yet to be unleashed.

As Camille hit the mountains of western Virginia, she collided with two other systems that turned the air into a solid mass of water ripped apart by horizontal lightning. Eight hours and more than two feet of rain later, 124 people in rural Nelson County were dead. Many of them would never be found.

Roar of the Heavens is a riveting hour-by-hour account of America’s first recorded Category Five storm. Unforgettable tales of human drama enliven this remarkable testament that also warns us of the awesome power of Nature’s fury—both past and future.

“Roar of the Heavens details the unthinkable that can occur…The immeasurable power of water was never so real.” —Jim Cantore, host of the Weather Channel’s Storm Stories

"A powerful book…history is told through the absorbing stories of victims and survivors." —Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA)

Stefan Bechtel is the author or co-author of six books, which have sold over two million copies. He is a founding editor of Men’s Health magazine, and his work has appeared in Esquire, The Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, and many other national publications.

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