Beasts #1

by Manda Benson

Published by: Lyrical Press

228 Pages

  • ISBN: 9781616502751
  • On Sale: 05/16/2011
  • FICTION / Romance / Science Fiction

$9.99 (USD)

Beasts, #1

She killed a man who deserved life, and let live a man who deserved death. . .

Zeta Verity killed a man who deserved to live, and let a man live who deserved death. Now she has a limited amount of time to stop him and bring justice to Callisto.

Born to excel but living in the shadow of her auspicious ancestors, Zeta is posted to the newly terraformed Callisto to work with specially bred horses. Killing a spy in possession of stolen data is just another day's work. She's not impressed by timid and scholarly Vladimir Bolokhovski, who arrives at the research base with a beautiful stallion he has genetically engineered. But when Zeta's superiors start disappearing and an arrest warrant is issued on her for spying, she discovers the man she killed is not what he appeared.

Once Verity discovers they're all part of some twisted game, she needs the help of both Vladimir and the dead spy to find and stop the mastermind behind it all.

Content warning: Contains horses having sex with horses, humans having sex with humans, and a ménage a trois between a man, a woman, and the ghost in the machine.

61,408 Words