Velvet Thunder


by Teresa Howard

Published by: eKensington

416 Pages

  • ISBN: 9781601831903
  • On Sale: 03/01/1994
  • FICTION / Romance / Historical / General

$4.28 (USD)

Stevie Johns had seen her Comanche mother die in childbirth. Now a vicious white enemy had driven Stevie and her father off their land. How could she trust the mysterious man in black who just appeared out of nowhere a devilish stranger whose sapphire eyes seemed to see right into her soul? Lean and rugged, he offered his help, risking life itself to protect her. Though Stevie could never give her heart, she could not resist his tender embrace.

He called himself Lucky Diamond. More at home with a deck of cards than a six-shooter, Heath Turner had lived through the worst of the Civil War. Now the rugged U.S. marshal had left his native New York behind to bring justice to the New Mexico Territory. But from the moment he rode into Adobe Wells and set eyes on Stevie Johns, Heath knew he'd found the woman he'd want forever. Let her fight him with all the passion blazing in her soul, he was determined to win Stevie's heart and heal the pain of the past with the rapturous promise of love.