Wild Texas Rose


by Martha Hix

Published by: Zebra Books

416 Pages

  • ISBN: 9781420142280
  • On Sale: 01/01/1990
  • FICTION / Romance / Historical / General

$4.04 (USD)


Mariah Rose's innocent fantasies of the wild west didn't prepare the British beauty for the man she saw barreling out of the Texas brush -- splendidly tall, overpoweringly masculine...and naked as the day he was born! Then the arrogant scoundrel had the audacity to appoint himself her gallant protector! He obviously had more than protecting her in mind, and Mariah steeled herself against his lusty charm. But it was impossible to keep her distance in this untamed paradise...especially when she found herself burning for his demanding kisses and yearning for his seductive caress!


The delectable Mariah enticed Whitman Reagor as no woman ever had -- and the virile rancher had sampled the delights of many! But this time honor demanded that he resist temptation. He swore he'd escort the English enchantress safely across the rugged plains without touching a hair on her silken head. But when the curvaceous red head stole into his bed one moonlit evening, he couldn't resist taking what she so willingly offered. He would learn all the secrets of her creamy flesh, savor the sweetness of her ruby lips...and share a lifetime's worth of loving with his Wild Texas Rose.