Surviving Groomzilla:

A Bride's Guide

by Craig Bridger

Published by: Citadel Press

192 Pages,

  • ISBN: 9780806535715
  • On Sale: 03/01/2012
  • HUMOR / General

$8.46 (USD)

Groomzilla: noun.
1) An ordinary man who, upon betrothal, transforms into a pastry tasting, "Save the Date" card-obsessed know-it-all.
2) A bride's worst nightmare.

Maybe you've never seen one yourself, but he's out there. Bridezilla's evil twin: Groomzilla. He's real, all right. He's armed with color swatches and his very own copy of Modern Bride--and he's here to plan your wedding. . .

Once upon a time, wedding planning was the bride's project. But if you're recently engaged, then you just might have a Groomzilla on your hands.

Craig Bridger was a Groomzilla, and lived to tell the tale. Inside, he'll help you tame your Groomzilla before all hell breaks loose. You'll get groom-tested advice, tactics, scientific* charts and a free set of steak knives*.

It's your wedding. Groomzilla can't have it, but maybe he can borrow it* if he behaves.

*Not true.
*Also, technically, not true.
*Don't let him borrow it.

"Highly entertaining and bursting with information." --Jenny Lee, author of I Do. I Did. Now What?!

"David Sedaris meets Emily Post in Surviving Groomzilla. . .Bridger's insights made me burst a corset." --Lucy Talbot, author of The Bridesmaid's Guerrilla Handbook