Night Of The Living Dead:

by Joe Kane

Published by: Citadel Press

Imprint: Citadel Press

320 Pages, 6.00 x 228.60 in, 16 page B&W photo insert

  • ISBN: 9780806534312
  • On Sale: 09/01/2010
  • PERFORMING ARTS / Film & Video / History & Criticism

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"They're coming to get you, Barbara. . ." These five words unleashed a terrifying movie classic on an unsuspecting public in 1968, stunning audiences with endless nightmares. George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead raised the bar for onscreen violence. Moviegoers were bludgeoned with horrific scenes of zombies blood-feasting on human body parts. Nothing was taboo. A six-year-old child nibbling on her daddy's arm! Plunging a garden tool into her mother's heart! More blood spewed onscreen than ever before! And yet, people returned for more--in hordes. The zombie movie phenomenon had officially been spawned. This is the true story of the flesh-eating classic that started it all.

Special Features

   • Dozens of photos too shocking to be seen until now

   • Stomach-churning details behind the groundbreaking FX

   • Compelling, revealing interviews with cast and crew

   • The legacy of Night of the Living Dead for today's horror directors

"George Romero's zombies. He influenced a whole culture." --John Carpenter

"A new standard for horror." --Variety

"It's nice to see Joe Kane -- aka The Phantom of the Movies -- emerge from the video aisles with another book. . . it's a goodie. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE MOST TERRIFYING HORROR MOVIE EVER covers George Romero's 1968 classic from idea to influence."