Making Him Want It

by Renee Luke

Published by: Kensington Books

272 pages

  • ISBN: 9780758282484
  • Published: October 2013


Looking for temptation, for fantasy, for sensual adventures beyond your wildest dreams? You've come to the right place, baby. The Night Kitty--the club for every desire. It's always open. . .and the business here is endless pleasure. . .

Do I Know You?

Successful literary agent Jamal James is tired of by-the-numbers booty calls. He wants something he's never had before, something that goes deep like the no-holds-barred fantasies spun by his star erotica writer, Kat Mason. The sistah's sexy stories, published in every men's magazine, have made him rich. . .and whetted his appetite for more. Someday, he hopes to meet the mystery woman--his perfect chocolate fantasy--in person and act out every one of her sizzling tales in the flesh. For now, he'll have to content himself with some time at the Night Kitty. . .

Kat can't believe she's in this club dressed to the nines in body-hugging lingerie. She may be the hottest writer on the planet, but deep down, she's as shy and straight-laced as they come. Yeah, and she's also out of material. It's time for her to do some research--hands-on research--in a place where no one knows her, where she can be anybody indulging in a night of complete carnal pleasure. And she's just set her sights on Jamal, the one man to take her there. . .

Renee Luke believes there's nothing wrong with making him want it, as long she wants it, too. She dreams up her stories amidst the beauty of the Sacramento Valley, where her hero husband wanted it enough to give her four beautiful children. It's Renee's belief that there's nothing better than good books, great friends. . .oh, forget it. . .there's nothing better than steamy nights with the man of your dreams.

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