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How To Seduce A Man And Keep Him Seduced

Laurie Sue Brockway

ISBN 9780806519258
Publish Date 2/1/2001
Categories Citadel, Self Help
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How To Seduce A Man And Keep Him Seduced

Sexy sirens, femmes fatales, and hard-to-win women rule because they understand their power over men. Women possess extraordinary charm. Beauty, and mystery, but real seductresses know that their greatest source of power is located between their ears! With the benefit of time-tested secrets as well as recent innovations, women can learn to have the right attitude and techniques for seduction success.

  • Creating the most sensual environment for seduction
  • Becoming a stripper, for one-man showings only
  • Making use of toys, aphrodisiacs, and pleasure enhancers
  • Finding your G spot-it really does exist! – and helping others to find it, too
  • Locating your man’s sacred spot

Any plane Jane can be as great a temptress as Mata Hari, Marilyn Monroe, or Madonna. It’s all a matter of what you know and what you show!

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