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Enticed by You: Wellspring Series #2

Elle Wright

ISBN 9781496716026
Publish Date 8/28/2018
Format Paperback
Categories Romance, Dafina
List Price: $7.99

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Upcoming August 28, 2018

In Wellspring, Michigan, the Wells family is known for their wealth, their taste—and their patriarch’s unbridled greed. Under his iron fist, their business empire has grown at the expense of his three heirs’ hearts and souls. But now, they’re taking back what’s rightfully theirs . . .

With his father ailing and incapacitated, Parker Wells, Jr. has a bold new vision for the company he now heads. For starters, he wants to heal the rifts his father’s ruthless tactics have created in the community—and within his own family. But when Parker is rear-ended by a gorgeous stranger, he finds himself torn between business and pleasure . . .

Crashing her car is not how corporate attorney Kennedi Robinson wanted to announce her return to town, especially since the man she hit is the same one who’s trying to rip her aunt’s livelihood and land out from under her. Kennedi knows better than to fall for Parker’s charms—and she’s primed for battle.

Parker doesn’t want to fight with the whip-smart city girl. He’d rather enjoy the heat between them. But Kennedi is no pushover, and it’s clear she’ll make him prove his good intentions—on paper and in the most personal of ways . . .

“Elle Wright takes you home again in this captivating, sweet and sensual story. Beautifully written, she delivers an emotional journey and shows there can be a happily ever after!” —K.M. Jackson, author of As Good as the First Time

“Elle Wright pens a delightful tale in Enticed By You. It’s a refreshing read that sucks readers into a sizzling romance! With its clever dialogue, a hero and heroine brimming with attitude and an exquisitely written storyline, readers will be thoroughly entertained to the very last page!” —Deborah Fletcher Mello, author of Seduced by the Badge

“Elle lures you into the town of Wellspring, then delivers the kind of sizzling drama that makes you want to stay awhile.” —Zuri Day, author of Packing Heat

About Elle Wright :

There was never a time when Elle Wright wasn’t about to start a book, wasn't already deep in a book—or had just finished one. She grew up believing in the importance of reading, and became a lover of all things romance when her mother gave her her first romance novel. She lives in Michigan. Connect with Elle online at, Facebook ElleWrightAuthor, Twitter @LWrightAuthor, Instagram: @lrwrightauthor.

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