Dark Blood: Elijah Pike Vampire Chronicles #2

James M. Thompson

ISBN 9781516104079
Publish Date 2/21/2017
Format ePub
Categories Horror, Lyrical Underground

An Undeniable Craving

For two hundred years, Roger Neimann has never had to know the end that mortals face. But eternal existence comes with a price he cannot accept . . . consuming human blood. Hiding in New Orleans under an assumed identity, he desperately searches for a cure for his vampirism.

An Insatiable Hunger

Stalking the streets of New Orleans, a vicious serial killer dubbed “The Ripper” leaves his victims drained of blood. For Houston physician Matthew Carter, it is an all-too-familiar pattern—one that sends him racing to find Neimann. But he is not alone in his hunt.

A Raging Thirst

There are those intent on using the powers of the vampire for their own evil ends. A vampire sick with disease and driven into a crazed killing frenzy that will not stop until he has taken everyone he can . . . including the woman Matt loves.

“If you read one horror book this year, read this one!” —William W. Johnstone on Night Blood

About James M. Thompson:

Dr. James M. Thompson received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine and has been in practice for 43 years. He lives in south Texas.

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