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Drape Expectations: A Caprice De Luca Home Staging Mystery #4

Karen Rose Smith

ISBN 9781617737701
Publish Date 7/28/2015
Format Paperback
Categories Cozy, Kensington, Hobby Reads
List Price: $7.99

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These days, home stager Caprice De Luca's calendar is a full house. Her grandmother's health is failing, her wayward uncle is stirring the pot, and she's torn between two equally eligible suitors. With so much drama in her personal life, Caprice is grateful to have Ace Richland, a former 80s rock star, ask her to stage his girlfriend's house. But Alanna Goodwin is a tough customer who balks at Caprice's ideas and all but commandeers the staging. Caprice almost isn't surprised when the snappish Southern belle is strangled to death with a tieback from her tacky velvet drapes. But just as she draws back the curtains on the truth, Caprice realizes she may be next on a murderer's set list. . .

Praise for Staged to Death

"A fascinating inside look at the art of home-staging--but did I mention it's also an elegantly crafted murder mystery featuring an irresistible sleuth?" --Leslie Meier

About Karen Rose Smith:

Karen Rose Smith is the author of seven Caprice De Luca home-staging mysteries. Married to her college sweetheart, Karen has convinced her husband that felines can make purr-fect housemates. They share their home in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania with their three rescued cats. For more about Karen, please visit her website

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Karen Rose Smith's Drape Expectations (Saturday, August 8, 2015)
Reviewer: Carol Smith

Caprice, Caprice..what are you going to do? Which beau will be
the pick for you?
But first, a mystery needs resolution…who murdered Alanna
Goodwin, owner of the White Pillars mansion. Caprice has been
hired to stage Alanna’s home for sale.
Caprice’s friend Ace Richland had recommended her to Alanna.
Caprice discovers that is Alanna is trying to sabotage Ace’s
upcoming road tour working with one of the band members.
Then Ace’s house is robbed of two of his valuable guitars,
and Caprice interest is peaked. Caprice discovers issues of
infidelity, an illegitimate child, and a considerable estate. So
Caprice starts her own investigation.
This book is the fourth book in the Caprice De Luca Home
Staging Mystery series. It can be read as a stand alone.
It is full of intrigue, suspense, suspects, humor, family values,
forgiveness, the awaited romantic decision and great food with
recipes at the end of the story.
Caprice also adds a new fur baby to her household, Mirabelle.
This is the white Persian cat that had been Alanna’s.
So make sure to visit Caprice and her family in Kismet,
Pennsylvania for an enjoyable read.
Thanks to Net Gallery, Kensington Publishing and the author
for the eBook. My opinion is my own

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